Ruth here, AKA Ruthless.   Thanks for taking a moment to read. I understand we have busy lives and   taking time for ourselves can be difficult; for myself included. I applaud you for carving out a little time right now.

Even though I’ve been a personal trainer for almost 20 years, I’m a real person. I don’t live in workout clothes, and fitness doesn’t take over every area of my life. Nor do I think it should for you or my clients.

I exercise because it keeps me strong, happy and feeling good to do all the other things I’d rather be doing.   That’s probably one of the things my clients love about me. I’m relatable and I understand real life struggles outside the gym. I approach personal training a bit differently than most trainers I’ve met. Often I share the same feelings toward exercise as my clients; I don’t look forward to being on a treadmill. I like cake, wine and high heels even though I know they are bad for me. There is a balance in it all but most important, I want my clients to enjoy the process of getting and being healthy.

You can bet that feeling good is healthy for you, as is being in a good mood. Consider it healthy to do those things that simply make us happy and feel good. Whether it be dancing while you get dressed (which I do), a hobby or interest, let you be you – and let’s be ‘Ruthless in health’ together!

             – Ruth


Shirley B. – Camas, WA

Hi, if you’re interested in getting fit; Ruth is awesome. I have known Ruth for 10 years and she has become one of my best friends and an awesome motivator to keep in shape. She is a wealth of knowledge. Did I say she’s awesome?

Ruth and I accomplished five Triathlons a few years ago. She was truly a motivator and       continues to support me in my daily chaotic life!

If you’re skeptical, call her and visit her home  studio. It is great! Take a friend along. I guarantee you’ll like Ruth and begin seeing results immediately.  Try her, you’ll like her!

Beth Ann N. – Portland, OR

Ruth is such an inspiration, and she gets results. I have a history of multiple knee injuries that eventually led to an inactive life-style and weight gain. Ruth helped me get back the strength and flexibility so that I could have the best results   after I had my most extensive surgery.

This has been life-changing for me. Ruth was able to adapt exercises to my knees so that I could still get great results while exercising without hurting myself further. I have lost 35 lbs. and am still     losing, using the tools she has given me.

Before, I was afraid to do exercises by myself    because I didn’t know how to do them right. Straight leg raises aren’t just a lazy leg lift with Ruth; they burn and use muscles you didn’t know existed. Ruth really focuses on proper position and balance to get optimal results without     taking short-cuts that could cause injury down the road.

She also focuses on nutrition and diet and sees the important role these can play. I can’t eat gluten in my own diet because I have celiac disease, and Ruth was great about finding resources for me and my special diet.

Ruth is an awesome person who makes you     believe you can do the impossible and then helps you do just that. Go Team Ruthless!