During each session, Ruth guides you through exercises and assessments that best activate and align your body. She utilizes the ‘Optimum Performance Training’ (OPT) model from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

This model helps her recognize dysfunctions in the kinetic chain during movements.  Dysfunctions can be big or little imbalances in the muscles. These imbalances in the body can create joint pressure, grinding, popping and sometimes just pain.  Her custom program seeks to strengthen,        rebalance and align the body to reduce pain, grinding and the like.

Between sessions Ruth may assign exercises and stretches according to your program for you to do at home, office or the gym.   Check out the flip side for information on packages and pricing.


SPY theme (Strength, Power & Youthfulness)  challenges, called MISSIONS are a fun way to  increase your health, wellness and fitness level.   Choose your agent name, accept the mission and get ready for a better you! 


Those who train with Ruth are automatically part of her team, TEAM RUTHLESS. There is no cost or obligation for this awesomeness. It’s just another perk of training with Ruth. Team Ruthless members get access to join MISSION challenges along with other crazy fun and inspiring things. Stay connected with Ruth through Facebook and the Team Ruthless group page.